Health Policy/Political Action

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ANA-Illinois Health Policy Program
We understand that every public policy decision made in Springfield directly impacts people and their families. When it comes to healthcare, new laws and regulations have lasting consequences for patients and their care.

The purpose of ANA-Illinois' Health Policy Program is to influence policies that promote, protect or advance the practice of professional nurses so the best care can be provided to our patients throughout Illinois.

ANA-Illinois' efforts at both the federal and state levels are as follows:

  1. Political Strategy. Political strategy is developed at the state level via a four prong approach with the Board of Directors, Expert Panels, the Legislative Committee and the Nurses Political Action Committee and at the national level through ANA's GOVA Program 
  2. Statement of Position. We develop position statements on issues impacting nursing, health, rights, safety, practice and education for nurses and the patients and communities we care for.
  3. Lobbying. ANA-Illinois lobbyist will identify and track legislation affecting ANA-Illinois policies, meet with legislators regarding proposed legislation and testify to policy committees of ANA-Illinois positions.
  4. Grass Roots Lobbying. ANA-Illinois members are alerted to take action by contacting their legislator regarding specific legislative bills.
  5. Education. Provide information and updates on policy issues that impact nursing.
  6. Communication. Email alerts and website postings on legislation being tracked and monitored keeps members aware of issues of interest to ANA-Illinois.
  7. Nurses-PAC is ANA-Illinois' political action arm which supports candidates running for political office at the state level.