2017 Nurse Practice Act Sunset Work in Full Swing

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Every 10 years the Illinois Nurse Practice Act (NPA) comes up for revision, which is referred to as the “sunset” of the act. At that time, recommended changes to the Act are submitted, e.g. revising the scope of nursing practice to reflect current and future practice, or clarifying the definition of who can call themselves nurses. The Illinois legislature and the governor must then approve the recommended changes.


In April of 2015, the American Nurses Association – Illinois convened a meeting of the Illinois Coalition of Nursing Organizations (ICNO). ICNO members are the leaders of 22 nursing organizations in Illinois. The first meeting included strategizing and planning for the process of recommending changes for the upcoming Sunset of the NPA in 2017.


ICNO has since formed workgroups that are reviewing various portions of the current NPA to determine if changes are necessary to move nursing forward or if there is a need to offer clarity in the Act.


Again, 22 organizations are involved in this effort. Nursing is a diverse profession, and ICNO is making sure to review the NPA from all angles. The list below demonstrates the diversity at the table, and lead organizations for various portions of the act are noted. 



 Lead for General Provisions
 Co-Lead for RN Practice

IACN – Illinois Association of Colleges of Nursing   

 Co-Lead for RN Education

IHNA – Illinois Hispanic Nurses Association


IANA – Illinois Association of Nurse Anesthetists

 Co-Lead for APN Practice & Education

IPHNA – Illinois Public Health Nurse Administrators


ISAPN – Illinois Society for Advanced Practice Nursing  

 Co-Lead for APN Practice & Education

IOADN – Illinois Organization for Associate Degree Nursing     

 Co-Lead for RN Education

IASN – Illinois Association of School Nurses               

 Subcommittee on delegation

ICCB Deans and Directors – Illinois Community College Board

 Lead for LPN Education

IONL – Illinois Organization of Nursing Leaders              

 Lead for Administration & Enforcement

 Co-Lead for RN Practice

PNAI – Philippine Nurses Association of Illinois       


INF – Illinois Nurses Foundation    


IDFPR/Illinois Center for Nursing              

 Lead for Illinois Center for Nursing

CCNBNA – Chicago Chapter of the National Black Nurses Association


Leading Age - Nursing Division

 Lead for LPN Practice

DDNA of Illinois – Development Disabilities Nurses Association of Illinois

 Subcommittee on Delegation

GCCHIMSS - Greater Chicagoland Chapter of the Health Information Management and Systems Society - Nursing Division


Illinois Homecare and Hospice Council - Nursing Division


Illinois Ambulatory Nurse Practice Consortium (IANPC) - chapter of AAACN

 Subcommittee on Delegation

International Polish Nurses Association


Indian Nurses Association of Illinois


Alpha Eta Chapter - Chi Eta Phi



Each of the lead organizations has determined how they will accomplish the work. Some have appointed committees while others are holding “town hall” type meetings.


Dan Fraczkowski, ANA-Illinois president says it is too early to speculate about what types of changes will be recommended, but the leaders of ICNO believe it is crucial for nurses to be involved in the process.  The workgroups (made up of nurses) will bring recommendations back to ICNO in May and then members of ICNO will analyze, and prioritize the recommendations. The voting process (each organization receives one vote) will be used to determine which recommendations move forward.


ANA-Illinois will host two open summits in the early fall of 2016. The summits will allow a geographic opportunity for nurses to hear about recommended changes, and provide input on issues of importance to them and the profession. The final decision by ICNO, on recommendations, will occur after the summits.


Please watch the Illinois Nurses Grassroots Coalition's Advocacy Portal for additional details and updates.


Resources have been made available to assist in the review and as decisions are made, details will be posted on the portal.