2021 ANA-Illinois Election – Call for Nominations & Resources

On behalf of the ANA-Illinois Nominating Committee and Board of Directors, the Nominating Committee invites you to participate in the 2021 ANA-Illinois Board of Directors Call for Nominations. In the coming months, the Nominations Committee will seek your help in identifying and encouraging strong and emerging leaders to seek board service and to serve on the Nominations Committee. In 2021, the ANA-Illinois membership will select 8 colleagues for the following positions:

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Two (2) Directors
  • Two (2) Nominations Committee Members
  • Two (2) ANA Representatives

Candidates may only apply for ONE of the following positions: president, secretary, director, or Nominations Committee member. Candidates may apply to run for ANA representative or for ANA representative and one of the elected positions noted above (i.e., president, secretary, director, or Nominations Committee member).

The Nominations Committee members will be reaching out to members to encourage members from across the state to run for the open positions.

The Nominations Committee is charged with creating a ballot with two candidates for each open position. In order to ensure candidates for each position on the ballot, the Committee may request that candidates consider another elected position.

Leaders and emerging leaders encouraged to consider running for a position.



The Nominations Committee recommends that potential candidates review the documents noted below before completing the consent to serve form.  These documents provide potential candidates with valuable information about the role and responsibilities of officers, directors, and members of the Nominating Committee.

Nominees must complete the online consent to serve by July 15, 2021.

QUESTIONS can be directed to the Nominations Committee Chair, Ann Altglibers, at aaltgil@gmail.com

  • The ballot will be published online on August 3, 45 days prior to the beginning of the election.
  • CANDIDATE FORUMS will be scheduled prior to the online voting. The forums give members an opportunity to hear the candidates and ask questions of the candidates. These forums are conducted online via Zoom, a teleconferencing platform.
  • ONLINE VOTING — September 17 through October 1.
  • ELECTION RESULTS — Will be announced at the Membership Assembly on November 6, 2021 Virtual Professional Issues Conference.

Each candidate is required to answer eight (8) questions* as part of the consent to serve online form. These questions are based on questions used by the American Nurses Association in its nominating process. Nominations Committee members can help candidates with any questions candidates may have about the consent to serve form.

We recommend that you write your answers to the questions in Word (or another app). Then copy and paste your statement into the appropriate field to prevent loss of information due to computer issues. Responses should be brief and concise.


* Questions on consent

  • Describe any prior active involvement or participation with ANA-Illinois (including prior elected or appointed positions in ANA-Illinois).
  • Describe any prior active involvement or participation with ANA (national level).
  • Describe any prior active involvement or participation with other state nurses associations affiliated with ANA or other nursing organizations at the state or national level (e.g., ISAPN, IANA, NAHN, IONL, PNAI).
  • Describe any experiences you have had with public speaking, working with the media, working with legislators, and/or testifying in the legislature or other policy-making governmental bodies.
  • Describe your experiences in fiduciary responsibility. – ONLY FOR CONSENTING FOR THE FOLLOWING POSITIONS – President, Secretary, & Director
  • Describe a situation where you influenced others to take action within your workplace, your community, or in a professional nursing organization.
  • Based on the purpose statement above from the ANA-Illinois bylaws, briefly explain how you would describe the value of ANA-Illinois to potential members.
  • Is there anything else that you would like to share with members as part of the ballot?

The consent and resources regarding board service will be located on the homepage of the ANA-Illinois website at www.ana-illinois.org  under NEWS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS.