The ANA-Illinois Board of Directors issues the annual Call for Consents for appointed positions. The call ends at 5:00 pm CT, Monday, November 29th.

As you consider volunteering your time and talent, please take a look at the committees with open seats below:

Awards Committee – one-year term
Responsibilities include recruiting nominations for three award categories (Clinical Practice, Nurse Influencer, Student Nurse of the Year, D,E,I Leadership Scholarship).  Committee reviews & scores nominations and presents the winners to the Board of Directors by September 15th each year.

Legislative/PAC Committee (7 open positions) – two-year term
Responsibilities include keeping the membership apprised of current legislation concerning nurses and health care, review proposed legislation of concern to nurses and advise the ANA-Illinois lobbyists, educating nurses and others on government processes, important political issues, and the records of office-holders and candidates; encourage nurses to become active in government affairs and organize political action, raise funds for and make contributions towards candidates for state public office who have demonstrated responsible awareness of nurses’ needs and the health needs of people and prepare a regular report for the ANA-Illinois newsletter.

Bylaws Committee (two open positions) – two-year term
Responsibilities include the review and interpretation of the ANA-Illinois bylaws. Recommend corrections or amendments and draft proposed text of all amendments.

Membership Committee (2 open positions) – two-year term
Responsibilities include recommending strategies to increase membership, member engagement, and retention, welcome new members, recommend opportunities that meet the needs of existing members, recommend strategies to re-engage lapsed members, and monitor membership statistics and trends.

Finance Committee (1 open position) – two-year term
Responsibilities include preparation of the annual budget, regular review of the budget, and recommendation for revisions and advise the Board of Directors as the expenditure and investment of all funds of the association.

Program Committee (five open positions) – two-year term
Responsibilities include assessing member educational needs, plan educational programs based on the needs assessment, and ANA-Illinois’ strategic plan, seek CE approval for all educational programs, create and submit a calendar and schedule of recommended educational programs at the March board meeting.