Jeannine Haberman DNP, MBA, MSN, CNE

Dr. Haberman has led, lectured, and researched as a nurse for over 30 years. Her nursing leadership draws on her wealth of academic and clinical experiences. She earned her Doctorate of Nursing and Masters of Business Administration degree. She currently holds a graduate faculty position at Lewis University and held an Assistant Dean role for Undergraduate Programs at Resurrection University and Rasmussen University. She has a part-time faculty appointment at Loyola University and NLN certification in nursing education. Fostering teaching excellence is Dr. Haberman’s top priority. She has shepherded a range of initiatives beyond local academia.

These initiatives include state and national reaches with the ANA Illinois and NLN Board of Commissioners in Washington D.C. She was elected as the NLN Treasurer last fall. She is also a member of the BOC CNEA Executive Committee and was elected to the ANA IL Treasurer leadership position for a three-year term and chairs the ANA IL Finance Committee. She has a seat at the state and national nursing table striving to shape greater unity, policy, and collegiality for every level.