2019 ANA-Illinois Candidates
Board of Directors & Nominations Committee

Candidates for President

Elizabeth Aquino Ph.D., RN
Associate Director, Master’s Entry to Nursing Program
Assistant Professor, Nursing
DePaul University School of Nursing

I am seeking your vote of confidence to serve as your ANA-Illinois President.  Through my practice, research, teaching, and service, I have worked to improve the health of vulnerable populations and to advance the nursing profession. I would like to continue to advance that work with ANA-Illinois. I am ready to serve and collaborate with you.

I have been a nurse for 12 years with clinical experience as a surgical-trauma ICU nurse at a Chicago level 1 trauma center. Having earned my Ph.D. at UIC, I transitioned to academia and now serve as the Associate Director of the Master’s Entry to Nursing Practice program at DePaul University.  As President (2017–19) of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN)-Illinois Chapter, a strong affiliate of ANA-Illinois, I mastered critical aspects of running a mission-driven non-profit; communication with members and leaders; partnering with hospitals and nursing schools; strong fundraising; and professional development. Under my leadership, the Illinois chapter more than doubled its operating budget and membership and is now the largest in the US.

On NAHN Education and Policy & Advocacy committees, I developed expertise in conference planning, educational programming for nurses, and advocacy on strategic policy issues for public health and the nursing profession. Annually I help engage nurses and students to participate in the ANA-Illinois Nurse Lobby Day and Student Nurse Political Action Day.   I have used my service on local and national boards—the American Heart Association, Catholic Charities, Prevention First, and NAHN—as platforms for advocacy and change.

As ANA-Illinois President, I will work to grow membership, promote and inspire active involvement, expand partnerships and alliances, represent all nurses, and increase ANA-Illinois visibility. I will amplify our nursing voice where decisions are made concerning our profession and the health of all communities. I will enhance current initiatives and bring new ideas.  I vow to keep the ANA mission and Illinois member needs at the forefront of my decisions and to uphold the values of integrity, consistency, and transparency. It would be an honor to have your vote to serve as ANA-Illinois President and, together, we will accomplish great things.

#VoteForLiz #LizforLeadership

Amanda Buechel BSN, RN, CCRN
Surgical Trauma Intensive Care Registered Nurse
Advocate Christ Medical Center

Hello, my name is Amanda Buechel BSN, RN, CCRN, and I am seeking your vote for the office of ANA-Illinois President. I currently sit on the American Nurses Association board of directors as Director at Large-Recent Graduate. I am a previous ANA-Illinois’ board member serving as Director-at-Large.  I work as a staff nurse at Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, Ill., as a CCRN-certified surgical trauma intensive care registered nurse. I sit on my hospital’s staffing/retention committee, unit high-reliability safety committee lead coach and unit council treasurer.

As president, I would work to recruit nurses from across the state to join ANA-Illinois and engage and empower them to be active participants in our initiatives. I want to continue to bring relevant information and content to the forefront of our association to make an impact in our state and beyond. I am a reliable, detail-oriented, innovative leader who strives to serve Illinois once again.

I started my nursing leadership journey as a student at the University of St. Francis in Joliet, Ill. I was very active in student nursing leadership, holding several positions at the school chapter level, including a term as 1st vice president of the Student Nurses Association of Illinois (SNAI) in 2014. In 2015, I graduated with my BSN and transitioned to serving as the Elected Executive Consultant for SNAI, holding that position from 2015-16. I was then appointed to the ANA-Illinois Board of Directors in 2016 as a director and served until the end of 2017.

During my time on the ANA-Illinois Board, I traveled up and down the state speaking at multiple nursing schools to inform students on the Nurse Practice Act Sunset and to encourage them to fulfill their duty as nurses and get involved with their state’s professional association. I also spoke to several hospital systems educating RNs and APRNs on Nurse Practice Act Sunset updates and answering their questions on what the updates meant for their practice.

In 2017, I ran for and won a  seat on the ANA’s board of directors, serving as Director at Large-Recent Graduate. I am currently serving in that role until the end of 2019. In this position, I have participated as an ANA-PAC board of trustees member, committee on honorary awards member, committee on appointments member and this year I was appointed to chair the committee on appointments, the first recent graduate to serve in that role.

With the ANA, one of my main goals was to increase the engagement of recent graduates at the annual Membership Assembly. I accomplished this goal and was able to double the number of recent graduates that attended and had the highest number of recent graduates participate this past June at the 2019 Membership Assembly. Concurrently, I hosted an early career leader networking breakfast to encourage conversation among recent graduates. The breakfast helped ANA better understand the mindset of these recent graduates, as we seek to encourage them to become engaged and involved ANA members. During that session, I received energizing feedback that I will implement on the national level and bring back to Illinois.

My experiences as a student, ANA-Illinois board member, and as an ANA board member have helped me develop the skills needed to dutifully serve as ANA-Illinois President. I can thoroughly understand finance and recognize the importance of keeping a healthy reserve to secure the association for the future. I am a strategic and forward-thinking leader and will make decisions to keep the association ahead of practice and development. I listen and consider every point of view before coming to up with conflict-resolving solutions. I want to serve in this position to advocate and speak on behalf of the association and serve as a leading and visible voice for our fantastic state’s nurses.

I respectfully ask you to vote for Amanda Buechel BSN, RN, CCRN for President of ANA-Illinois. I am available and happy to answer all questions you have and look forward to bring your ideas to our association. So Illinois, let’s Excel with Buechel for President in 2019.

Onyeisi Stephen Ogbomeh DNP, MSN-L, MSN-FNP, BSN, RN, NE-BC
Harvest Team

“Hello my friends, I am Dr. Onyeisi Stephen Ogbomeh, and I want you to vote me as your President for ANA-Illinois.

While my years as a Registered Nurse (just over 7 years) doesn’t tell a lot, but my background and experience do. I have been a leader my entire life, since my teenage years when I took up the responsibility of being a music director as a pianist in my local community church (which I still am); and with my strategic initiatives, our church grew from membership of tens to thousands within a short period – I understand what it takes to serve and lead a team to success. This is one of the key virtues I possess, which i bring to the table for this position.

I am currently the Director of Operations at Harvest Team and Healthcare Initiatives, where I coordinate various  activities and initiatives (healthcare and others) that assist citizens, immigrants, under-served individuals and families within Rogers park and across Chicago land.

Prior to, and in conjunction with, I have been a staff nurse, charge nurse, nurse supervisor, nurse manager, and director in various healthcare institutions within Chicago and across, where I lead various initiatives such as community education/health fairs, heart walks (breast cancer and others), food pantry, just to name a few. I have always been an asset to every organization I have worked with.

I am an active member of ANA, and I continue to support her mission and vision for nursing by lobbying and sending letters & correspondings to federal, state, and local government official in  matters that affect nurses – my most recent being the “Protecting JOBs Act (S. 609)”. Also, I am a recipient of the 2019 ANA 40 under forty, Emerging Nurse Leader Award.

I bring fresh new ideas, creative innovations, and result – I am accountable for result. I am a person of execution, who always get the job done, on time, and on budget! I have the capacity to walked the talk, and the ability to create  pattern that is focused on result. There is absolutely no match to speed, and my model is speed to business/organizational result! I have the charisma and character to role model, engage and positively influence talented people of diverse nationality and cultures who initially may not have interest in healthcare profession or nursing. Using my personal life as an example, I migrated to the United States in September of 2007 at age 24, and started pursuing a career in nursing by January of 2008. Within 11 years of non-stop academic curriculum, I went from being a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), to becoming the formidable leader I am today – I completed my ADN in 2012, BSN in 2014, MSN (Leadership) in 2016, DNP in 2018, and Post Masters FNP in 2019; through hard-work, dedication, & consistency,  No doubt, I am a voice to reckon with, and an inspiration to both young and seasoned nurses all around the world – I model the America values, and I inspire excellence!

I am seeking this position because it provides me the opportunity to serve for a bigger course and be able to influence positive changes within the metaparadigm (nursing, person, health, and environment) of the nursing profession. Moreover, this position aligns and supports my personal & professional objectives, which include taking ownership and responsibility of key initiatives that affect the progress and well-being of nurses, individuals/families in Illinois and across.”

Dr. Onyeisi Stephen Ogbomeh

Kathryn M Serbin DNP, MS, BSN, CCM
Associate Chief Nurse, Surgery
Capt James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Facility


My name is Kathryn Serbin, DNP, MS, BSN, CCM and I am seeking to be elected as President of ANA-IL.  I am currently serving on the ANA-IL Board as Secretary and have been in this role for two consecutive terms.  I also serve on the Illinois Nurses Foundation (INF) as the ANA-IL Board liaison.  While serving on INF, I have been the Chair of the Illinois Nurses Foundation Holiday Gala and Fundraiser.   I have also served as Chair and other roles on the Commission for Case Manager Certification (CCMC).   While serving as Chair for CCMC, the organization expanded eligibility criteria for the Certified Case Manager (CCM) exam, launched CCM Body of Knowledge and was approved as a reimbursed credential for the Department of Veterans Health Affairs. I have been a nurse for over thirty years and have worked in a variety of health care settings.  I served in the military and retired in 2015 at the rank of Nurse Corps CAPT (06). I am the Health Talk writer for the Association of the United States Navy and have volunteered in this role since 2010.   I am currently the  Associate Chief Nurse for Surgical Services at the CAPT James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Facility in North Chicago.  I am married to Donald, and we have three adult children and three four-legged kids.           Having served for many years on Boards in varying capacities, I have the requisite knowledge and skills to be successful in the role of President.   I believe membership in ANA-IL unites us, and when nurses unite, we have a much stronger voice in the political arena on local, state, and national levels. I am not only a strong patient advocate but a strong advocate for nurses and the nursing profession. I am passionate about Nursing and believe that patients interests are best served when health care professionals work together to deliver safe, effective, and affordable care.

Candidates for Secretary

Colleen Morley DNP, RN, CMCN, ACM-RN
Director of Case Management
West Suburban Medical Center

As a leader in Nursing, I know the importance of our mission to our members: we are “advocates for the advocates,” My name is Dr. Colleen Morley, and I am submitting my consent to serve for the office of Secretary on the ANA-Illinois Board of Directors. I have worked in healthcare/Nursing for more than and in Case Management for over 15 years. I have a wide breadth of experience across the continuum of care and in a wide variety of settings. I am currently the Director of Case Management; overseeing the staff of two urban, acute care hospitals in the Chicago area.

For the past decade I have served in various leadership roles, in acute care, managed care and community care; as a Director for ANA-Illinois, serving as Legislative Committee Chair and PAC Trustee, for Case Management Society of America, Chicago chapter; where I currently hold the office of President-Elect, have served as Secretary and Membership Secretary and have been recently elected to the CMSA National Board.

ANA-Illinois must be as strong as possible to:

• support and promote Nursing and nurses at all levels, in all practice settings,
• protect our scope of practice; and
• help our members advocate for our patients/clients.

My broad experience, leadership skill, and passion for, not only Nursing but ANA-Illinois, position me to be a strong, resourceful, and productive leader. As an example, in just the past 12 months, I have helped to lead CMSA Chicago to increase our membership by 70%, expanded our educational offerings, planned and executed our most successful local conference in our history and continue to build an energized and engaged chapter. I would be honored to serve as Secretary for ANA-Illinois and support the nurses of Illinois in the same manner.

Onyeisi Stephen Ogbomeh DNP, MSN-L, MSN-FNP, BSN, RN, NE-BC
Harvest Team

I am seeking this position because I want to serve and be able to influence positive changes within the metaparadigm (nursing, person, health, and environment) of the nursing profession. Moreover, this position aligns and supports my personal & professional objectives, which include taking ownership and responsibility of key initiatives that affect the progress and wellbeing of my community.

Candidates for Director

Aney Abraham DNP, RN
Associate Vice President of Nursing
Rush University Medical Center


I am a seasoned nurse with over 30 years of nursing experience. I have been in progressive leadership roles from nurse manager to Chief Nursing Officer. Currently, I hold the position of Associate Vice President, Nursing at Rush University Medical Center and Associate Faculty at Rush College of Nursing. I am also serving as the President of the Indian Nurses Association of Illinois. I am seeking the position at ANA because I want to help influence policies that impact nurses and patients. I want to be abreast of legislation that impacts nursing practice. I want to share my expertise and skills to support decision making

Judah Donaldson BSN, RN
Clinical Informatics Manager
Horizon Health

My overall goal in my career is to serve. This is why I became a nurse. Since becoming a nurse in 2012, I have been able to serve people, care for people, participate in the healing of people, and it has become my passion. I now participate in the care of the patients from a supervisory role or a high-level vantage point, meaning that I am able to influence and guide the care that others provide the patients at my facility. As my career has grown and my experience has continued to shape me, my focus transitioning to the current and future generations of nurses that I hope to influence and encourage. I am currently finishing my Master of Business Administration degree, and with that degree, I desire to continue to use my influence to create a safe and evidence-based environment for the nurses that look up to me, and the patients that we care for. By serving at a state level in any capacity I feel that my influence and voice will have a greater impact in the future of nursing. Thank you for any and all consideration.

Loretta K Dorn MSN, RN, CRNI
Director of Nursing Consultants
Fresenius Kabi

I have been a member of ANA for several years. Today I am a member of the ANA-Illinois legislative committee. Over the years, I have been a strong nursing voice for education and public health. I currently serve on the Lake County Opioid Initiative board whose mission is to combat the epidemic of deaths that we are seeing across our nation. I have also served in the past as the President of the Illinois Chapter of the Infusion Nurses Society and as a member of the National Committee on Education for the Infusion Nurses Society.  Today I am in school working on my psychiatric practitioner post master’s certificate. I believe that advanced practice nurses will continue to have a strong role and voice in our health care system and must be supported.   It was never an actual choice to become a nurse for me. I was born wanting to be a nurse.  Everything I accomplished in my life was dedicated to the goal of being the best nurse I could.  I started with volunteering to care for the sick nuns when I was 12, then volunteering at a hospital  I became a certified nursing assistant in high school.  I felt certain that nursing was the highest level of caring for humanity that could be provided.

My first degree was an ADN at a local Junior college. I worked at our local community hospital for many years quickly finding my passion in ICU nursing. I later transitioned to infusion home care and received my CRNI. I was promoted to a leadership position as director. I also became very involved with the Infusion Nurses Society including teaching IV classes and PICC insertion classes After being a nurse for a decade and after my children were past the very young stage I made the decision to go back to school to get my BSN. While I was a great nurse as an ADN I knew I needed to get my BSN to be able to continue to promote professional growth. It took me almost 5 years to get my BSN one class at a time, but I kept moving forward.   I learned that I loved leadership and mentoring other nurses and strongly beloved in the nursing voice in quality patient care. I decided that getting my MSN would help achieve that voice. I received my MSN in 2012 after a long journey and became an official MSN program mentor with the university I attended. I also received my certification as a Quality Manager in Operational excellence through the American Society of Quality to better understand the change process and how to bring about best practices for a quality outcome to service our patients better.  I have run in a local election for a board position at the Junior College where I got my initial ADN which was an amazing experience.  I recently worked for the local health department (Lake County Il) as the director of clinical operations using the nursing process to promote public health. In all these positions I managed large budgets and was responsible to the directly to the public for those funds at the health department.

I believe that I have the experience and love of nursing as well as a history of working with public law makers and managing budgets. I also believe that nursing must have a stronger voice in our country in the health of our citizens and how we provide healthcare to our most vulnerable population. Nurses can impact the social determinants of health in a way that no other body of health professionals can accomplish with our collective voices.  I believe that I will be an asset to the ANA-Illinois as a nursing advocate and voice of Illinois nursing.

Susana Gonzalez MHA, MSN, RN, CNML
Nurse Educator
ASI Home Care Agency

My name is Susana Gonzalez MHA, MSN, RN, CNML.  I believe that as nurses, we are a powerful workforce. ANA-Illinois provides a platform to allow our voices to be heard and helps advance the nursing profession. I would like to assist ANA-Illinois with its endeavors to identify and encourage strong leaders who want to be a member of ANA-Illinois. I feel grateful and have a sense of readiness to offer my service to the board of director for ANA-Illinois.  My career in nursing has provided me with opportunities I never thought possible. Sharing these experiences to help others is an honor. I will facilitate communication between ANA-Illinois members, the board, colleagues, and health care stakeholders.  I will be a liaison with the community to promote ANA-Illinois’ vision; I commit to promote enriching the lives of our members through the promotion of learning and professional advancement.   Most recently, I have served for two terms as the president of the Illinois Chapter of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses from 2013-2017. Under my leadership, we developed and led countless of collaborative initiatives that today continue to serve our community with a servant-leadership presence and spirit. Illinois chapter has been active and visible at many national conferences with poster and podium presentations. Our local membership and engagement continue to grow; we are involved in several national grants. Under my leadership, our chapter became fully active and engaged with ANA-IL, and I served on the Illinois Healthcare Action Coalition. In addition, I was an active member of ICNO. I am active on the Illinois Organization of Nurse Leaders policy committee. At the National Association of Hispanic Nurses, I have served on the board of directors and co-chaired the Policy Committee and now the Membership Recruitment and Retention Committee.  Life is about timing and purpose, and this, for me is the right time to serve ANA-Illinois as a board member. I bring to the table years of experiences, skills, and knowledge and strong ethical leadership.  I am able to dedicate time and energy to the board of directors and role model the vision of ANA-Illinois. I value the leadership and respect their membership; I have supported many of their initiatives. I am committed to mentor a new generation of healthcare professionals. I believe that as a member of ANA-Illinois, we are the role models. I pledge my commitment to serve in this capacity and work hard to facilitate and expand opportunities at all levels for the membership. I welcome the opportunity to help the organization realize its mission, vision, and purpose in conjunction with the esteemed executive leadership.

Casey Ketchum BSN, RN, CCRN
Clinical Nurse Associate – Neurosurgery Dept
University of Chicago Medicine

To Whom It May Concern:     It would be an honor and a privilege to serve as a board member for the American Nurses Association of Illinois, (ANA). I have been a critical care nurse since 2012, and my expertise includes clinical ethics, neuroscience, trauma, behavioral health, and palliative care. My current role as a Clinical Nurse Associate within the neuroscience department at the University of Chicago encompasses the diversity of my professional responsibilities, and this role requires interdisciplinary team coordination, management of ancillary staff and services, keen collaboration skills with hospital finance, administration, and third-party providers.   As well as clinical research, my duties include patient care plan oversight, and progressive follow up care.

I have established myself as an engaged and holistic professional nurse who observes the values the ANA has set forth to maintain professional growth and clinical competence. I support and encourage my colleagues to obtain national certification, and have myself obtained Critical Care Registered Nurse Certification, (CCRN) in 2016. As a board member and director for Meals on Wheels of Illinois, I participate in crucial initiatives to promote community health and safety, and I aim to reduce health disparities in our most vulnerable populations.   The promotion and integration of health policy and diplomacy and social justice are crucial to the future of established professional nurses and the populations we serve.

Throughout the years, I have offered my time and services to support the mission and goals of the ANA. Historically, I attended the Nurse in Washington Internship (NIWI) in 2016, and the annual ANA Hill Day in Washington, D.C. I have also, volunteered on behalf of the ANA during the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) in 2016.

I hope the consenting committee recognizes the value that my forefront experience can bring to the ANA, Board of Directors. My career philosophy emphasizes progressive community outreach standards: evidence-based practice embodied by a holistic and individualized approach to the populations we serve. As a nursing professional within the sphere of modern healthcare, I hope to enhance and honorably represent my nursing cohort for years to come.    Sincerely,   Casey Ketchum BSN, CCRN

Nicole Lewis DNP, APRN, FNP-BC
Family Nurse Practitioner
SSM Health Good Samaritan Hospital

As a candidate and an active member of the ANA-Illinois/American Nurses Association. I bring twenty-five years of nursing experience. I worked long-term care, acute care, within the government, and clinical setting. I practiced in every level of nursing before completing my terminal degree. I am a veteran of the United States Army and started in health care as a combat medic. After five years of service, I was honorably discharged. I then pursued my nursing career.  I obtained my nursing assistant certificate and then my practical nursing certificate, ultimately completing my associate degree in nursing before pursuing my BSN, MSN, and DNP. I completed my bachelors, master, and a doctorate degree in five years. I knew I needed to further my education. Practicing is just a piece of how to influence practice and policy change. Education at each level gave me a different perspective on to approach policies and procedures. As I advanced my education, I was able to identify barriers and influence change among peers. To change practice, the development of policies that sustain positive outcomes are critical to the future of nursing.  My clinical scholarship project focused on policy change and education to reduce lateral violence within the nursing profession and improve the retention of nurses.  I will bring the same determination used to obtain my doctorate in nursing practice as a member of the board. My knowledge and experiences can bring a new perspective and ideas and an understanding of how evidence and policies can change practice to improve nursing and patient outcomes. This opportunity offers me a chance to be part of something great. As a resident of southern Illinois and a nurse practitioner, my long-term goal is to influence future nurses to advocate for their profession and decrease barriers in patient care.

Linda Lowry RN
Director of Nursing
Fair Oaks Rehabilitation & Care Center


I am seeking the position of Director because I feel I can utilize the volumes of seasoned leadership I have paired with the experience of a somewhat newer nurse to help “grow up” nurses seeking advanced positions within the nursing industry.  It is my hope to provide invaluable resources and opportunities that will promote an ownership position while developing ‘nursepreneur’ mindsets.

Onyeisi Stephen Ogbomeh DNP, MSN-L, MSN-FNP, BSN, RN, NE-BC
Harvest Team

I am seeking this position because I want to serve and be able to influence positive changes within the metaparadigm (nursing, person, health, and environment) of the nursing profession. Moreover, this position aligns and supports my personal & professional objectives, which include taking ownership and responsibility of key initiatives that affect the progress and wellbeing of my community.

Candidates for Nominating Committee

Onyeisi Stephen Ogbomeh DNP, MSN-L, MSN-FNP, BSN, RN, NE-BC
Harvest Team

I am seeking this position because I want to serve and be able to influence positive changes within the metaparadigm (nursing, person, health, and environment) of the nursing profession. Moreover, this position aligns and supports my personal & professional objectives, which include taking ownership and responsibility of key initiatives that affect the progress and wellbeing of my community.

Katrina Soto RN
Staff Registered Nurse
Adventist Hinsdale Hospital

I would love to continue to serve the profession.

Kathryn Valentine BSN, CVRN-BC
Staff Nurse
Memorial Medical Center

I would like to run for the Nominating committee so I can learn more about leadership, stay involved in current Illinois legislation, and have another way to advocate for my patients by being a part of the Illinois chapter of the American Nurses Association.