2021-2023 Strategic Goals

Advancing the profession and improving health in Illinois


While nurses spend the most time with patients than any other care provider and are considered the most trusted professionals in America, opportunities exist to further advance the value and role of nurses across diverse practice settings and in the minds of consumers. As health care continues its transformation to a consumer-driven model, enhancing consumer awareness of and engagement with nursing will advance opportunities for nurses and the profession. To achieve this, we will

  • Establish ANA-Illinois as the sought after/respected resource for the voice of nursing in Illinois
  • Leverage strategic partnerships to elevate the professional role of nurses in Illinois
  • Raise brand awareness of the ANA/ANA-Illinois


In 2017, ANA identified three priority audiences – Early Career, Up & Comers, and Nursing Leaders – and initiated efforts to develop targeted programs, products, and services for these segments. As the expectation and demand for personalization grows exponentially, the ANA/ANA-Illinois will continue to leverage data-driven insights to provide the most relevant programs, products, and services to deliver the greatest value to nurses throughout their careers. To do this, we will:

  • Utilize data from our Digital Marketing Campaign data) to enhance member engagement
  • Utilize best practices for member engagement
  • Encourage members to participate in the ANA mentorship program

Identify and grown priority nurse segments. As healthcare evolves and APRNs become even more central to new models of care delivery, the ANA-Illinois will ensure that its policies, programs, and other offerings add value to this important segment of nurses.  To do this, we will:

  • Continue our work with the Illinois Coalition of Nursing Organizations (ICNO) to enhance the ANA-Illinois’ approach to addressing the unique needs of APRNs


Advance workforce priorities and improve the work environment across diverse practice settings. Nurses face challenges in their work environment, such as inadequate staffing, workplace violence, bullying, and fatigue, which negatively impact the personal health of nurses and patient outcomes. ANA-Illinois will continue to advocate for and empower nurses and organizations with resources to create healthy, productive, and effective work environments.  To do this, we will:

  • Advance solutions to address nurse staffing
  • Advance solutions to address workplace violence/safety
  • Improve nurses’ health by advancing Healthy Nurse Healthy Nation
  • Advance solutions to address diversity, equity, and Inclusion in the nursing profession
  • Advance solutions to address diversity, equity, and Inclusion in healthcare and public policy
  • Advance solutions to address diversity, equity, and Inclusion in work environments

ANA/ANA-Illinois’ programs, positions, and Code of Ethics guide the nursing profession and educate decision-makers on nursing practices and policies. As healthcare delivery becomes increasingly complex, ANA-Illinois will continue to help nurses assume new and expanded roles in emerging areas of practice and maintain the highest standards of quality in nursing practice and the ethical obligations of the profession. To do this, we will:

  • Leverage ANA’s foundational work to advance professional nursing practice
  • Advance priority nursing practice, policy and advocacy issues

Expand coverage and payments to reform healthcare. Antiquated policies and reimbursement rules restrict access to nursing services and limit innovation of new nurse-focused care delivery models. ANA-Illinois will continue advocating for equitable payment for nursing services, allowing nurses to practice at the top of their license, and equal reimbursement rates when nurses provide the same services under the same billing codes. To do this, we will:

  • Advance parity in coverage and payment for nursing services in public and private health care systems

Develop nurses to lead and innovate. As healthcare continues to transform through new consumer-driven business models, emerging technologies, and new forms of care delivery, an opportunity exists to further the role of nurses and nursing in driving innovation and leading transformative change. To do this, we will:

  • Assist nurses in obtaining and communicating leadership roles that advance the nursing profession
  • Disseminate and Communicate innovation research and projects that demonstrate the future of the profession and its impact on healthcare transformation
  • Honor and celebrate nursing innovation