2018-2020 Strategic Goals

Advancing the profession and improving health in Illinois

RN Profession-Wide Engagement – Increase the number and engagement of nurses

  • Increase direct relationships with all registered nurses.
  • Promote a safe, ethical environment as well as the health and wellness of nurses in all settings.
  • Optimize professional nursing practice and the quality of health are in Illinois through leadership development and by ensuring full use of the knowledge and skills of RNs & APRNs.
  • Aggressively grow membership by acquiring, engaging, and retaining members.
  • Maintain policy momentum and engage nurses in advocacy and policy development.

Nurse-Focused Innovation – Nurse-focused innovation for health care improvement

  • Leverage data and analytics to drive nurse-led innovation.
  • Foster & disseminate nurse-focused innovations and best practices to impact patient and nurse outcomes.
  • Build leadership acumen across ANA-Illinois and among nurse leaders.

Nurse-to-Consumer Relationships – Nurse-to-consumer relationships across the health and health care journey.

  • Educate registered nurses to assume new roles that transform the nurse-to-consumer relationship.
  • Increase consumers’ awareness of the value of nurses to improve health and well-being.
  • Advance practice and regulatory changes to remove barriers to interstate practice.
Strategic Goals graphic