EXPERT PANEL on Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Mission Statement

The ANA–Illinois Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Expert Panel will work to empower the nursing community: institutions, practitioners, leaders, students, staff, and faculty to eliminate health disparities due to intentional and unintentional discrimination, marginalization, and racism. Historically and systematically marginalized communities have included Black, Latinx, and indigenous populations of color, immigrant, LGBTQ+ population, older adults, people with disabilities, people with mental illness, rural populations, and others. Through a social justice lens in partnership with the communities we serve, it will promote a greater understanding of the global history of oppression and take action to eliminate its contemporary effects within the nursing profession in Illinois.

Expert Panel Deliverables

Webinars under development

  • Exploring the Relationship Between Health Inequities and Social Inequality in America
    April 28, 2021 12pm-1pm content w/ 1-1:20pm Q & A
  • Microaggressions, Unconscious bias and Structural Racism
    July 28, 2021 12pm-1pm content w/ 1-1:20pm Q & A
  • Understanding the differences; Cultural Awareness, cultural competence, cultural humility, and cultural sensitivity.
    October 27, 2021 12pm-1pm content w/ 1-1:20pm Q & A
  • Critical Race Theory – Implications for inclusion pedagogy and inclusive excellence
    January 26, 2022 12pm-1pm content w/ 1-1:20pm Q & A

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