Committed to promoting nursing and healthcare in Illinois

The Nurses Political Action Committee (Nurses-PAC) is a nonpartisan political action committee of ANA-Illinois. ANA-Illinois is committed to promoting nursing and health care in Illinois.

The Nurses-PAC Board of Trustees is made up of nurses from all over Illinois in all fields of nursing. Nurses-PAC aims to influence health policy discussion by endorsing and contributing to candidates who support nurses and quality healthcare. Elected officials directly impact nursing practice and the health care system therefore we must stand together and support candidates who advocate for nurses and healthcare.

Nurses-PAC Logo

Activities of Nurses-PAC

Contributes to and campaigns for those candidates who support nurses

Makes candidate endorsements

Conducts fundraising activities

Educates nurses on important political issues

Informs members and colleagues about records of office holders and candidates

Consults with legislatively active nurses in assessing candidate’s records and/or stance on nursing issues

Assists nurses in organizing themselves for more effective political action

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