The Illinois Nurses Foundation is looking for engaged, innovative, and empowered nurses to serve on three new subcommittee task forces to enhance the Illinois Nurses Foundation Fund Development processes.

Three Subcommittee taskforces will be created:

  • Scholarship
  • Honor a Nurse and Legacy Funding
  • Events

The above subcommittees will be tasked with three objectives.

  1. Review past and current processes/items of the INF in their scope of the subcommittee.
  2. Evaluate the current processes/items of the INF within the scope of the subcommittee.
  3. Make recommendations to the INF Fund Development Committee regarding the processes/items within the scope of the subcommittee.

A few items are noteworthy to know before consenting to serve on a subcommittee task force; we are looking for:

  • Nurses from all educational backgrounds
  • Knowledge of ANA-Illinois and the Illinois Nurses Foundation preferred.
  • Participation with fundraising, scholarships, and events preferred.
  • Non-nurses with fundraising, scholarships, and events experience will be considered.

Subcommittee task force members will meet bi-monthly/monthly via zoom until the review/project is complete.

We are looking for individuals who enjoy work that requires attention to detail, innovation, and fundraising. If these things interest you, please consider serving on the Committee. The opportunity to serve is very engaging, stimulating, and rewarding.

There may be potential once subcommittee task force work is complete to continue with INF Fund Development work if so desired.

We look forward to hearing from you regarding your potential participation; a request to serve is available below for nomination of self or a colleague.

Please feel free to contact Susan Y Swart for questions and/or assistance in serving.