NURSES!  Please Tell Us Your COVID 19 Story

Your nursing experiences with the COVID 19 pandemic demonstrate the nursing profession at its best. Your stories are of great interest to fellow nurses, as well as to the general public.

Are you working with COVID 19 patients on an acute inpatient unit? What has the experience been like for you, your colleagues, and your patients? Do you have a memory of a particular patient (No names to maintain HIPAA)? Can you relay a particularly stressful event that impacted your staff members?

Do you work in a community health or a primary care setting? Can you relate the impact of the epidemic on persons from underserved populations? Were you able to teach individuals ways to protect themselves from the Coronavirus? How has the virus affected you and the communities that you serve?

How has the COVID 19 pandemic affected your practice of nursing? What measures have you taken to protect yourself, your family members, and your patients? What new skills or nursing knowledge have you acquired from the pandemic experience? What experiences have you had with distance learning, virtual clinical settings for nursing students, ZOOM meetings, social media, homeschooling, or other adaptive measures?

How has the COVID pandemic affected your personal life? Have you been furloughed, laid off from work, or moved to a different practice setting? What coping techniques have you used to deal with the stress generated by the pandemic? How have you and your family members coped with the self-quarantine experience? Have you experienced losses related to the pandemic, such as the death or illness of a significant other or colleague? Have you been forced to cancel a significant event, like a wedding, graduation, or even a funeral? Have you contracted COVID 19; what was the experience like for you? What are your fears and hopes for the future?

The Illinois Nurses Foundation (INF) would like to gather your stories for possible publication in the future. By submitting your stories to us, you grant the INF permission to publish them in Nursing Voice or another public medium. Please indicate your consent for us to publish your name or indicate that you would prefer that your story be published anonymously. Institution names will not be published.

Please submit your story (or stories) either by mail to: Illinois Nurses Foundation, PO Box 636, Manteno, Illinois 60950 or as an attachment to an email at:

Please include your name, daytime telephone number, email address, mailing address. If you have photos to accompany your story, please send them by email in the JPEG format.

We are living what will become a significant event in the history of nursing. Your personal stories will document the contributions of nurses during this time. We look forward to hearing from you!