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Our Voice: Financial support would allow more potential nurses to become registered nurses

Wanted! Registered nurses ready to work in COVID-19 isolation units that look like a set from the movie ET. Must be willing to perform life-saving care for thousands of sick individuals. Must be able to have tough conversations with patients and families. Must be willing to take on thousands of dollars in student debt.  It…

Our Voice: Nurse staffing is about emergency response

COVID-19 has unveiled something nurses have known for a long time….for the best possible health outcomes, we need hospital environments that support nurses. Empowering nurses to guide staffing decisions may, even in the midst of a crisis, make this terrifying experience better and safer.  We have heard about the critical issue of PPE shortages. I…

Tell Us Your COVID-19 Story

NURSES!  Please Tell Us Your COVID 19 Story Your nursing experiences with the COVID 19 pandemic demonstrate the nursing profession at its best. Your stories are of great interest to fellow nurses, as well as to the general public. Are you working with COVID 19 patients on an acute inpatient unit? What has the experience…

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