The ANA-Illinois Professional Issues Conference will be held Saturday, November 4, 2023, at the Carle Forum in Urbana, Illinois. 

In 2022, we started a tradition of adopting a theme for the year. The theme would align with our mission and vision and help set the tone of our work for the year. Our theme for 2023 is “Human First, Nurse Second.”The message is a reminder to every nurse, our families, colleagues, and the public for whom nurses provide care that nurses are human beings with all the feelings and emotions that come from being human. This simple truth is easy to forget as nurses as we push ourselves to do more for our patients in times of crisis and during staffing shortages. For our families, friends, and the public, please have compassion for the nurses you love and the nurses who are there for you when you are most vulnerable. We are nurses; we are your advocates; we are often your last line of defense. Our code of ethics guides us as we do our very best to advocate for you and ensure that you have the best health care available at the moment. But please never forget; we also become stressed when pulled in multiple directions; we are human. We also feel pain, humiliation, and sorrow; we are human. We, too, have a breaking point; we are human. Let’s remember we are “Human first, Nurse Second .”We must learn to take care of ourselves and build systems that protect, shield, and support us so that we can take care of all the people who depend on us.

We are seeking graduate students interested in sharing their projects and research with the attendees. Please submit an abstract for our virtual poster presentation on Evidence-Based Practice, clinical research, and quality improvement projects. Of particular interest are abstracts related to the conference’s purpose and theme, as well as innovative EBP projects or topics.