Dr. W. Zeh Wellington, DNP, RN, NE-BCANA-Illinois is excited to introduce the newly elected president of our organization, W. Zeh Wellington, DNP, RN, NE-BC. Dr. Zeh Wellington is a dedicated nurse leader and educator who is currently the Director of Surgical Services at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago and an Adjunct Professor at Illinois College. In a recent interview, he shared his vision and insights of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for Illinois nurses. With a heart full of excitement for the nursing community, Zeh also opened up about his motivation for running and his prediction for the future of ANA – Illinois.

Why Dr. Zeh Wellington Ran for ANA – Illinois President

Holding a deep appreciation for the nurses of Illinois, Zeh emphasized that his candidacy was never about himself but rather a commitment to serve and unify the nurses across the state of Illinois. He conveyed his firm belief that, together, nurses can overcome the challenges and enforce the strength and ability to make a difference in our profession. In his own words, “I ran so I could hear the challenges that we as nurses are facing, and also to celebrate our victories. I ran because I knew that we, as a unified team, can and will make a difference in Illinois.”

He believes to be elected as President of ANA-Illinois, is a call of courage and leadership. Drawing inspiration from Winston Churchill’s words, “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak, but courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.” His promise to Illinois nurses is a leadership that listens, represents the interest of Illinois’ nurses and a promise to advocate for the advancement of our profession.

Wellington’s mission for his tenure as President is to tackle critical issues such as the nursing compact, the nursing shortage crisis, workplace violence, nursing education, and nursing burnout.

Promise for ANA – Illinois

Dr. W. Zeh Wellington at Power of Nurse Leadership.

“My promise is to continue to be visible, listen, compromise, and deliver to the nurses of Illinois a brighter future. I am excited about the prospects that come with this role – leading the nurses of Illinois. We have a lot to be proud of in our profession, but there is work to be done.” He went on to say that he is filled with excitement and gratitude while understanding the gravity of this prestigious opportunity to serve. As he campaigned, his vision and message was that we – the nurses of Illinois – are the architects of our future. The time is now. Nurses are not just dreamers – we are doers. Nurses are voters and advocates for their profession. Wellington promises to be a listener and a problem solver.

Exciting ANA – Illinois Events

ANA-Illinois is gearing up for a series of thrilling events over the next six months, offering valuable opportunities for all nurses in Illinois to actively engage. Zeh wholeheartedly encourages nurses to participate in these upcoming events, including the INF Gala in December, Nurses Day at the Capitol in March, and Student Nurse Political Action Day in April. These gatherings serve as a platform for nurses to come together, exchange their experiences, and gain insights from their peers. Zeh underscores the importance of these events as moments for listening, understanding, and truly connecting with the vibrant nursing community.

The Illinois Nurses Foundation (INF) Gala on December 2nd is generating immense excitement. This annual holiday gala is not only a wonderful occasion to honor the dedication of fellow Illinois nurses but also an opportunity to contribute to the future of nursing in our state. President Wellington is thrilled to extend a holiday invitation to all ANA-Illinois members. Click this link to learn more and purchase tickets.

Why Illinois Nurses Should Join ANA Illinois

Joining ANA-Illinois offers numerous benefits; it is an avenue for personal and professional development, endless networking opportunities, and a platform for nurses to take charge of their careers. As nurses we know and must believe that strength lies in numbers and unity, allowing nurses to collectively serve their patients with compassion, empathy, and passion.

Zeh Wellington MUSCDr Wellington’s commitment to the nursing community in Illinois is to inspire. As the newly elected President of ANA-Illinois, his vision, rooted in courage, unity, and compassion, promises to bring  a brighter future for ALL nurses across the state of Illinois. His leadership reflects the heart and soul of the nursing profession, emphasizing the importance of listening, understanding, and working together to address the challenges and celebrate the victories that lie ahead.