A new online Nurse Portal offers tools and resources to successfully implement the Nurse Staffing Improvement Act(Senate Bill 2153/Public Act 102-0641), which became law in August.

In collaboration with the Illinois Hospital Association, Illinois Critical Access Hospital Network, and Illinois Organization of Nurse Leaders, ANA—Illinois worked to pass the law strengthening the 2007 Nurse Staffing by Patient Acuity Act.

The online Nurse Portal includes:

  • Summaries of PA102-0641 in PowerPoint and PDF;
  • Frequently Asked Questions about the law;
  • Example agendas for the Nursing Care Committee;
  • Example, patient classification systems to evaluate acuity;
  • Talking points to guide  educational conversations with community members or those outside of healthcare; and
  • A self-assessment to measure your organization’s progress toward meeting the law’s requirements.

The Nurse Staffing Improvement Act empowers direct care nurses through a more significant role in staffing decisions. It is critically important that the nurses providing care and hospital administrators work together to develop flexible staffing approaches that address the patient’s needs.

If you have any questions about implementation or would like to share resources for the Nurse Portal, please email us at info@ana-illinois.org.

ACCESS NURSE PORTAL – ANA-Illinois membership required & registration onsite necessary. All documents and all web pages in the Nurse Portal are password-protected. Please use the Nurse Registration” button when registering.