Nominations are now open for individuals from all areas of nursing – Practice, Education, and Administration – who have made outstanding contributions to the nursing profession.

We are marking ten years of the Illinois Nurses Foundation’s initiative to recognize emerging nurse leaders. Nominating deserving nurses for the 10th Annual 40 Under 40 Emerging Nurse Leader Awards is a great way to honor their contributions to the nursing profession. Here’s how you can nominate a nurse:

  1. Identify a Deserving Nurse: Think about a nurse in Illinois who is under the age of 40 and has made significant contributions to the field of nursing, both in their professional role and in their community involvement or participation in professional organizations.
  2. Gather Information: Collect relevant information about the nurse you want to nominate. This may include their name, contact information, current role, achievements, community involvement, and involvement in professional organizations.
  3. Write a Nomination Letter: Prepare a nomination letter that highlights the nurse’s accomplishments, contributions, and how they positively represent the nursing profession. Be specific and provide examples of their work and impact.
  4. Submit the Nomination: Visit the Illinois Nurses Foundation’s website or click here for the nomination form and submission instructions. Ensure you meet the deadline of April 15, 2024, for submitting your nomination.
  5. Share the Opportunity: Spread the word about these awards among your colleagues, friends, and professional networks to encourage more nominations and ensure deserving nurses are recognized.

Remember that nominees should not only excel in their nursing practice but also actively participate in their community or professional organizations to be considered for this prestigious recognition. The awards ceremony is scheduled for September 19, 2024, so mark your calendar to celebrate the achievements of the winners and the contributions of these emerging nurse leaders.