Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing Ph.D. Candidate Marcus D. Henderson, MSN, RN, whose passion for engaging with nursing students is matched only by his dedication to the profession, brings a fresh perspective to the stage at this year’s Student Nurse Political Action Day (SNPAD). His appointment as the keynote speaker is not just a nod to his achievements but also to the next generation of nursing professionals.


Nursing Leader, Advocate, Researcher, and Clinician – Meet Marcus Henderson

Experience and Early Engagement in Advocacy:

Marcus’s journey is an example of the power of early engagement in advocacy within the nursing community. From the beginning of his career, Marcus has been a vocal advocate for the profession, challenging the notion that one must wait for years of experience to make a significant impact. His message to nursing students is clear and empowering: advocacy starts now, and every voice is crucial.

Involvement in Significant Research and Reports:

Marcus’s credibility is furthered by his involvement in the Future of Nursing 2020-2030 report by the National Academy of Medicine. As a co-author, he contributed to shaping the future of nursing, focusing on advancing health equity, education, and practice. This work not only highlights the critical role nurses play in healthcare but also shows his commitment to ensuring the profession evolves to meet future challenges.

Practical Experience and Current Engagement with the Field:

What sets Marcus apart is his continued engagement in clinical practice alongside his academic pursuits. As a Ph.D. candidate and a practicing nurse, Marcus bridges the gap between theory and practice, ensuring his insights are grounded in real-world experiences. 


Want to Talk to Marcus at SNPAD? Get to Know Him!

Discovering commonalities with Marcus may be easier than you think. 

What do you have in common with Marcus?

  1. Favorite color: blue
  2. Favorite food: cheese and potato chip sandwich
  3. Favorite vacation: the beach
  4. Hobby: family game night
  5. Something you are looking forward to: having first child
  6. Go to Starbucks order: a grande peppermint mocha
  7. Favorite thing about the job: engaging with children and families to understand what their needs are and support them best


Lasting Message to Young Nurses

Marcus’s message to nursing students is both powerful and empowering: “You’re just as important as the lobbyist, the president of an organization, the CEO of a hospital. You’re just as important. And you need to recognize the power that you have as an individual and the power that we have as a collective, as nursing students and nurses, because you’re part of our profession.”


Join us at SNPAD 2024 and Hear Marcus Speak!

Marcus Henderson’s upcoming keynote at the Student Nurse Political Action Day is more than an event; it’s a milestone for nursing students across the state. It’s an opportunity to be inspired, to learn, and to see firsthand what the future of nursing could look like with passionate, dedicated leaders like Marcus at the helm. So, as SNPAD approaches, let’s take Marcus’s message to heart and recognize the power and importance of our voices in shaping the future of nursing. 

Join us at SNPAD and be part of a movement that celebrates the strength, advocacy, and innovation of nursing students and professionals alike. See you there!