On behalf of the ANA-Illinois Nominating Committee and Board of Directors, the Nominating Committee invites you to participate in the 2024 ANA-Illinois Board of Directors Call for Nominations. In the coming months, the Nominations Committee will seek your help in identifying and encouraging strong and emerging leaders to seek board service and serve on the Nominations Committee. In 2024, the ANA-Illinois membership will select 10 colleagues for the following positions:

  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Two (2) Directors
  • One (1) Director – Recent Student Graduate
  • Two (2) Nominations Committee Members
  • Two (2) ANA Representatives (1 rep/1 alternate)

Candidates may only apply for ONE of the following positions: vice president, treasurer, director, or Nominations Committee member. Candidates may apply to run for ANA representative or for ANA representative and one of the elected positions noted above (i.e., Vice President, Treasurer, Director, or Nominations Committee member).

The Nominations Committee members will be reaching out to members to encourage members from across the state to run for the open positions.

The Nominations Committee is charged with creating a ballot with two candidates for each open position. In order to ensure candidates for each position on the ballot, the Committee may request that candidates consider another elected position.

Leaders and emerging leaders are encouraged to consider running for a position.