On April 16, 2024, the 26th annual Student Nurse Political Action Day (SNPAD) will spark a new level of discussion, inspiration and connection for student nurses! Located in Springfield, Illinois, this event brings students, mentors, and education together.

“This is an important day for Illinois student nurses, and I encourage them to make an effort to attend. I’m most excited for the march to the capitol building where I will get the chance to be arm and arm with my fellow nursing students! “

Sarah Quick President, Student Nurses Association of Illinois

Are you looking for a way to be involved with this event? Do you believe in the importance of student nurse education? SNPAD is looking for Sponsors! Be a part of the healthcare education movement, and help make the next generation of nurses the best they can be by supporting SNPAD. 


Sponsorship Benefits

Brand Awareness: Increase your company’s brand awareness through sponsorship! ANA-Illinois will promote your company through a wide variety of marketing avenues at the SNPAD Event.

  • Brand Signage/Banners
  • Onsite Company Representatives
  • Email Blasts
  • Direct Communication with Event Participants
  • Custom Ads

Employment Pipeline: The 2024 SNPAD Event hosts senior student nurses who are eager, looking, and ready for their next big job opportunity. Send a representative of your company and inspire the next generation of health professionals to join your company or your masters program!

Increased Reputation: By showing your support for student nurses, you attract brand loyalty, media attention through ANA-Illinois, and you set your company apart from the competition. Increase your brand reputation by sponsoring the 2024 Student Nurse Political Action Day!


Ways to contribute

There are a number of ways to support Student Nurse Political Action Day! Every sponsorship level comes with a number of benefits, and the variety in sponsorship levels means that there is flexibility for you.

SNPAD Sponsorship Levels:

  • Lunch Sponsor: $2,500 (4 available)
    • Bring two company representatives to SNPAD! With premium exhibit space and free lunch and parking provided for your people, spreading the word about your company will be easy. 
    • ANA-Illinois will also send out email blasts to event participants and advertise you and recognize your contribution on our mobile app as a Level 2 sponsor! 
  • Exhibitors: $850
    • Send one representative and set up a table as an Exhibitor Sponsor. Free parking and lunch will be provided. Your contribution will be recognized on the mobile app!
  • Educational Partners: $750
    • As an Educational Partner, you will be able to set up a booth with a representative of your company. Lunch and parking will be provided, as well as Level 1 mobile app recognition.
  • Organizational Affiliates: $350
    • Receive Level 1 mobile app recognition, as well as a table and representative as an Organizational Affiliate for SNPAD! Lunch and parking is provided.
  • Virtual Exhibitor: $250
    • As a Virtual Exhibitor, you will receive Level 1 recognition on the ANA-Illinois mobile app. Get custom advertisements, direct communication with attendees, and get your social media links out there!  
  • Digital Banner Ad + Link on Mobile App: $200 (4 available)
    • With a Digital Banner Ad on the mobile app, your company will get premier advertisement from ANA-Illinois. Custom advertising, a description of your company, and social media links are just a few of the benefits of being a donor to SNPAD. 


The ANA-Illinois Mobile App

The ANA-Illinois Mobile App is a one-time event app dedicated to keeping all members and attendees informed about Student Nurse Political Action Day. This app is an excellent platform for sponsors to not only advertise their companies, but also communicate directly with Student Nurse attendees. Email blasts are available, along with opportunities for participants to schedule appointments with you! Your contact information and social media links will be made available on the app, as well as custom advertisements for your business.

Levels of Sponsorship:

  • Level 1:

Get custom advertisements, images and a company description made for your business on the app! Your logo will be displayed on the sponsor list, along with other resources that will be made available for you. Social Media links and contact information will be made available to attendees, along with the ability for Student Nurse participants to directly communicate with you.

  • Level 2:

Get a Full-Page Ad in the ANA-Illinois Mobile App with Level 2 recognition! Also available in Level 2:

  • Header Image
  • Custom Background Image
  • Custom Advert
  • Company Contact Information
  • Email Blasts
  • Company Description
  • Company Logo
  • Social Media Links
  • Resources

To learn more about the ANA-Illinois Mobile App and other sponsorship opportunities, click here


Fuel the Growth of Future Nursing Leaders!

“What values are most important to you? What issues do you care most about, and why? You truly can change the world and nursing for the better when you act on what matters most to you. Your voice is important. Your voice is the difference! I’d like to encourage every nursing school in Illinois to join us at SNPAD 2024!”
– ANA-Illinois President Zeh Wellington, DNP, RN, NE-BC

Student Nurse Political Action Day is in need of sponsors! Your contributions help bring education, leadership skills, and opportunity for the next generation of nurses. By being a part of the event, you can make a positive difference in healthcare as a whole. 

Are you interested in becoming a SNPAD Sponsor? Looking for more information in general? Email jessica@sysconsultingsolutions.com


Interested in learning more about SNPAD? Click this link!