On January 16, 2023, registration opened for the 2023 Student Nurse Political Action Day (SNPAD) hosted by ANA-Illinois. The one-day conference will be held on April 18, 2023, in Springfield, Illinois.

“ANA-Illinois works to elevate and advance nursing in the state of Illinois. We understand that nurses working together are a powerful force for change, and we want all our student nurses to be part of that. Student Nurse Political Action Day is a way to bring student nurses into our movement,” says Susan Swart, Executive Director of ANA-Illinois.

25th Anniversary of SNPAD

The event marks 25 years of political action by student nurses to advance healthcare in Illinois. The Political Action Committee initiated the event in 1998 when Linda Roberts was president as a way to engage student nurses in the broader issues regarding healthcare in Illinois.

Today, SNPAD has grown to be an important part of student nursing education in Illinois. In fact, attending the political action day is part of the curriculum in many nursing programs. Students attend with classmates and receive course credit, along with CE credit.

Human First, Nurse Second

The theme for the conference this year is “Human First, Nurse Second.” Susan Swart, EdD, MS, RN, CAE and Executive Director of ANA-Illinois, will deliver the keynote address on this year’s theme.

“On the 25th anniversary of this important event, we’re honoring the whole person,” says Swart. “Our nurses put their lives on the line, and we want them to know that we see them, we’re fighting for them, and we’re in this together.”

Political Action & Professional Certification

Student nurses will also get in-depth information about the upcoming legislative session. The ANA-Illinois Lobbyist will share important issues being addressed in Illinois’ 103rd General Assembly.

Attendees can also receive Stop the Bleed® Hands-On Skills Training and certification at the one-day conference, which takes place before SNPAD programming begins in the morning. Students can take the online course before the conference and then receive the hands-on portion and certification at SNPAD.

After the conference concludes in the afternoon, student nurses will march together to the Capitol and rally at the Illinois State Capitol steps to advocate for nurses and improvements in healthcare across Illinois!

Online Registration

Registration is easy and affordable. Don’t miss this important day of political action in Illinois! Register today!